Ps 18:1-2. I WILL LOVEYOU, O LORD, my strength.

Ps 18:1-2. I WILL LOVEYOU, O LORD, my strength.



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Reader's Corner

Poppin Beans Children's Book


Eva Price

Poppin Beans Children's Book by Deborah Younger-Mitchell

A READER'S REVIEW by Eva Price (photo on right)

 Right from the colorful cover , to the well illustrated pages, with the delightful story lines of family coming together from all ages to celebrate as a family. The women & children in the kitchen poppin beans ( my family called it snapping beans). I had my first lesson at 4 years old sitting on newspapers on the kitchen floor with my father, he was the chef of cooking, I can still remember how proud I felt to be asked to help in the kitchen! Made me feel special! My mom did the desserts. It was always a wonderful time in the home to have all the family & friends together to share a wonderful meal! Poppin Beans brought back my childhood memories of families loving and sharing together. The end had me reflecting on what did I pass on to my three children as family traditions. I will definitely make sure my grandchildren experience the family loving, helping, and sharing. Thank you Deborah for writing this book.
Eva K Price (your babysitter many years ago)